About Our Fishery

Home Farm Fisheries is an all year round day/night ticket water comprising of a 2-lake complex , stocked with 17 species of fish with Carp to 28lb and Catfish to 70lb.

The lakes at HFF were established in 1988 and began life as a commercial fish farm. The emphasis then was the breeding of exotic carp - kois, Golden Orphe etc. Many of the original fish can still be found in the two main lakes. In the year 2000 the lakes were bought by the present owner and the day ticket business which we see today was founded. In 2003 it was decided to introduce Wells catfish to the specimen lake which would compliment the extensive carp stock. Following the purchase of catfish stock from Burton Mere the record catfish now stands at 66lb with larger weights expected soon which is testament to the water quality and gives a growth rate of over 4lb per year. The carp strains are - common, mirror, leather, Koi, ghost and grass carp. The current carp record is a 28lb 6oz mirror caught in 2007. There are well over 300 double-figure carp, many high doubles with a few 20lb+ as it stands to date. There are also many large perch, the largest so far weighing in at 4lb 12oz. The Fishery changed hands in 2018 to the current owner and a vast improvement program was set in place. The first netting was carried out in Feb 2019, this was to improve stocking levels and will be maintained over the forth coming years. The whole complex has had a face lift over the last year and is an ongoing work in progress.